Why Cloth Color Matters in Your Car Wash

Have you ever thought about what the color of the cloth you put in your car wash does to guest experience? Does it make your car wash feel open and

The GlobalCar Wash Market: Webinar with PetrolPlaza

Ryan Essenburg the President and Chief Innovation Officer of Tommy Car Wash Systems sat down with PetrolPlaza and other industry leaders to talk about

Why build a car wash franchise?

Perhaps you’ve been interested in owning or investing in a car wash for most of your life. Or maybe you just started gathering information on the car

Wash Club: The Club App Built for the Car Wash Industry

The customer calls in. Months ago they called, or sent a letter, or emailed the office to cancel their membership, but they just noticed on their

Testing Paid Vacuum Services, a Case Study

Customers love free vacs, but are they still the right choice for car wash operators looking towards 2020?

Free vacuum service has long been

In the Wash with the All-New Tommy RO



The Tommy Car Wash Systems All-In-One High Pressure Pump Station

Car wash backrooms are a mixed bag, and you’ll seldom find one that’s really clean, orderly, and presentable. There’s just too much equipment mounted in

The Critical Importance of In-House Chemical Management


The effectiveness of a car wash’s chemistry determines the performance of the wash equipment and the quality of the end wash provided to customers.

VFD’s 101

Variable Speed Drives – Helping Build a Greener Car Wash

“Variable frequency drives, or variable speed drives (VSDs), can greatly increase motor

The Car Wash Flight Deck Control Console

A state-of-the-art car wash control system provides a variety of benefits to any car wash operation. Ease and accuracy of adjustments, reduction of

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