Looking to add a splash of color and functionality to your car wash? Textured Tommy Balls come in six shades to match your car wash or add a new eye-catching hue. They are more than just dyed spheres though. They are heavy-duty and serve a variety of useful purposes. Strong and lightweight (only 23 pounds), they are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, capable of withstanding the outdoor elements. 

Eye-Catching Decoration

Improving the aesthetics of your car wash can drive traffic that wouldn’t have otherwise pulled into your lot: 

  • Stand Out to Drivers Include an extra touch of color around your car wash and catch the attention of potential customers passing by your site. 
  • Improve Landscaping: Liven up your flower beds and create striking decor by using Tommy Balls as planters. 

More Than Just Eye Candy

Tommy Balls aren’t just for adding color to your car wash, they have several practical applications: 

  • Keep Your Lot Clean: Optional trash liners give your customers convenient access to dispose of their litter, keeping your property looking pristine. 
  • Direct Traffic Flow: Tommy Balls can easily be moved and used as colorful guides to direct traffic at the wash entrance or separate lanes. 
  • Self-Loading Assistance: Traditional car washes can have frustrating loading areas. New self-guiding systems make it easier and Tommy Balls play an important role. They help drivers line up their car for the wash, creating clear visual markers. 

These versatile spheres are a win-win for both you and your customers. They'll keep your wash site looking sharp while providing solutions for everyday needs. 

Ready to level up your car wash? Contact our team today to learn more about Tommy Balls as well as various other car wash equipment options or visit the Tommy Store to browse the many options.