Take a Video Tour of River Club Car Wash

Check out this tour recorded by Car Wash Studios at River Club Car Wash!

Car Wash Vacuums : Free or Paid?

Express automatic car washes are excellent for cleaning a vehicle’s exterior quickly and affordably, and when paired with easily installed self service

Clean, Bright, Colorful, and Open

Building a car wash requires a significant investment in property, construction, and equipment that can take years of hard work to recoup. With this in

Go Green, Use a Local Car Wash

We've already touched on car washes' superior water reclamation systems, features that make car washes a much more water efficient option for responsible

PSA of the Day: Conan and the Bay Area Council on Car Washes

The following PSA was released by the Bay Area Council, and just  shows how important car washes can be for drought stricken areas like present-day

A First-Ever Car Wash Show Europe Retrospective

The first-ever Car Wash Show Europe was a huge success! With visitors from over 70 nations and over 89 companies exhibiting, this event has been the

Designing Your Car Wash Logo

Your car wash's logo and the stationary, decals, placards, and full-size back-lit facility signage that carries it will display your car wash's message

5 Tips for Launching a Brand New Car Wash

You’ve got the location, the demographics, the business plan, and the financing. You’re all ready to begin construction and launch your own brand new car

5 Points to Consider For Commercial Car Wash Signage


As a roadside business, car wash owners and operators must be sure that their facilities stand out and grab the attention of potential customers driving

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