thumbnailAre your customers struggling to clean their dirty molded floor mats? We have the solution. For years, car owners have grappled with the tedious task of cleaning these helpful, yet often neglected accessories. The patent pending Tommy Molded Mat Washer is here to transform the interior cleaning experience. We are proud to be the first to market with this innovative machine. 

Fast and Effortless Cleaning 

Customers simply insert their molded mat into the washer, and 20 seconds later, it emerges fresh and clean. The washer employs a unique roller design to effectively clean molded mats of all shapes and sizes, up to 34 inches wide and with no length limit. 

Deep Cleaning 

The washer sprays cleaners, followed by a thorough scrubbing with a dedicated brush to blast away dirt and grime. A refreshing rinse ensures all traces of soap are gone, and finally, an air knife blasts the mat dry, leaving it ready to hit the road again. 

Built to Last

Constructed from corrosion resistant, durable stainless steel, the Tommy Molded Mat Washer is built to withstand the demanding car wash environment. You can count on it to deliver reliable performance for years to come. 

Be among the first to offer convenient and efficient molded mat washing to your customers. Preorder your Tommy Molded Mat Washer today. It's the perfect addition to any car wash looking to offer exceptional customer experience.