Lights, Camera, Action

 The Visual Impact of a Great Car Wash!

Marketing a car wash is a fun and creative process. Take a drive through any major suburb and you'll find

The Tommy Car Wash Drying System

If the car isn’t dry, it isn’t clean. Too many car washes do a decent job of providing high power cleaning that leaves customer vehicles dirt-free,

The Tommy FLOPRO Wall Mount

Perfect for Car Wash Renovations

Our last post highlighted Tommy Car Wash System's emphasis on quality components as the foundation for a great car wash.

Tommy Car Wash: Because A Great Car Wash Starts With Great Equipment

First-time investors, owners, and operators aren’t always prepared to answer the important questions that car wash development can raise. Considerations

Critical Density & Car Wash Development

What might the perfect car wash venture look like?

  • Washes shielded from competition
  • Recognized household brand name
  • Visible, effectively designed

Spotlight on Triple Play Express

Happy Tuesday from Tommy Car Wash Systems! Check out this 2012 documentary clip by car wash TV covering Triple Play Express, one of our favorite Totally

Tommy University: Other Services

Tommy University offers a number of other services which can be of great help to car wash owners and operators as they work to maintain and develop a

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