7 Dangers That Can Destroy a Car’s Paint Job - Part 1

Americans love our cars and, considering their importance to our employment, our recreation, and our personal independence, it’s important that we take

Small Claims Court: What Car Wash Managers Should Know

In many parts of the country the limits on small claims suits are continuing to rise even as the cost to file suit remains low, making small claims an

Text Message Marketing and Car Washes

According to the most recent figures provided by the Pew Research Foundation, in 2014 more than 90% of Americans had at least one cell phone. This

10 Principles for Successful Car Wash Employees to Follow

Many factors contribute to running a successful car wash. The quality of your equipment, a great location, effective marketing strategies… all play a

5 Steps To Choose the Right Car Wash Location

When it comes to business, location is everything. For car washes especially, this means that selecting the right location on which to build your facility

Wash Operators can Claim a Huge Sales Boost on Black Friday

Cold weather, long nights, roast turkey—and fantastic deals!

Black Friday is on the horizon and it is up to car was operators to take full advantage of

VFD’s 101

Variable Speed Drives – Helping Build a Greener Car Wash

“Variable frequency drives, or variable speed drives (VSDs), can greatly increase motor

3 Practical Ideas for Local Car Wash Content Marketing

Content marketing can be a tricky concept, but when it comes to local car washes this surprisingly simple strategy can yield significant results. In

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