ffa6b458-7df4-4d44-9187-64a8ce04b56cGet ready for The Car Wash Show 2024 from May 13-15 in Nashville, TN with Tommy Car Wash Systems (TCWS). Whether you are a new investor, car wash operator, entrepreneur, real estate developer, or site manager looking to obtain your own location, we have the solutions to help you achieve your business goals. Learn how by attending our three learning sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

To get a firsthand view of our industry-changing technology and processes, stop by Booth #2143. We provide industry leading car wash solutions including robust stainless-steel equipment, license plate recognition, Tommy Dual Belt Conveyor, and high-performance detergents. Our team of passionate car wash professionals are dedicated to delivering the ultimate car wash template and operations system. Our team will be at the booth ready to answer any questions during the trade show. 


Monday, May 13 Session

Topic: Tommy Car Wash Tech

Speakers: Todd Stoel and Austin Jacobs 

Time: 11:00am – 11:20am CDT 

Location: Pitch Theater 823 

Get a look at the innovations from the team at Tommy Car Wash Systems and learn how to improve your car wash from beginning to end. 


Tuesday, May 14 Sessions

Topic: The Network Effect – Why Being Part of a Brand is Everything

Speakers: Ryan Essenburg, Alex Lemmen, and Andrew VanWylen 

Time: 8:45am – 9:45am CDT 

Location: Music City Convention Center (MCCC) - Room 104 

Learn how you can leap ahead to integrate into a nationwide network instead of going it alone. Unlock the new powerhouse advantage of multi-site interaction and crossover washing on a national scale. Few have this advantage today, and, in the future, it's becoming the dominating force. There's a reason people buy more from brands they know and trust. Discover how this applies to our industry in a more substantial way than ever. 


Topic: Maximize Revenue Growth by Upgrading Your Inbay Automatic to a Compact Tunnel System 

Speakers: Tom Farris and Michael Van Wieren 

Time: 11:00am – 11:20am CDT 

Location: Pitch Theater 823 

The ability to wash more cars per hour, streamline operations and enhance satisfaction can significantly boost profitability. Converting from an inbay automatic car wash to a compact tunnel system offers compelling benefits. Our tunnel car wash brings increased efficiency, faster throughput, and superior capabilities.  


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