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Tommy's Express Car Wash entrance

How to Buy a Car Wash: Your Investment

Car washes are a hot topic in investment circles, and for good reason. The ROI is high. The car wash industry is booming. Consumer demand is increasing.

4 reasons to franchise with Tommy's Express

4 Reasons to Say Yes to Owning a Tommy's Express Car Wash Franchise

Owning a franchise can be an exciting opportunity with a big return. But that’s only if you choose the right industry and the right platform. 

An SUV going through the Tommy's Express Car Wash arches.

You're Ready to Open a Tommy's Express Franchise - Now What?

Congratulations! You've made the wise decision to open your own Tommy's Express Car Wash franchise location. Hopefully, you've done your pre-planning work,

Tommy's Express Car Wash ribbon cutting

Eight Great Reasons A Tommy's Express Car Wash Franchise is Your Smartest Business Move

Whether you're looking to start your first or next business, opening a franchise with Tommy's Express is one of the best opportunities in the market...

Ryan Wow Factor

Ryan Essenburg joins The WOW Factor Podcast

Tommy’s President and Chief Innovation Office recently joined “The WOW Factor” podcast to talk about helping others be successful. In the podcast, Ryan...