How to Start a Car Wash Business

Starting a car wash (or any small business) can be a challenge. The amount of planning and preparation that goes into the process is staggering and

5 Carwash Trends to Watch for In 2019 and Beyond

The car wash industry has entered in a period of rapid transition, with new technologies and practices making inroads and bringing change to both customer

Small Claims Court: What Car Wash Managers Should Know

In many parts of the country the limits on small claims suits are continuing to rise even as the cost to file suit remains low, making small claims an

10 Principles for Successful Car Wash Employees to Follow

Many factors contribute to running a successful car wash. The quality of your equipment, a great location, effective marketing strategies… all play a

Car Wash Vacuums : Free or Paid?

Express automatic car washes are excellent for cleaning a vehicle’s exterior quickly and affordably, and when paired with easily installed self service

Addressing Car Wash Claustrophobia

Car wash owners, operators, and staff all have an obligation and a mission to offer the best possible service and accommodation to all customers,

10 Steps For Starting a Car Wash From The Ground Up

As a 40 year veteran car wash equipment manufacturer and site developer, we’ve seen it all. We know what a daunting and potentially confusing process

5 Tips for Pricing Your Car Wash

A Buck Can Make All the Difference

New owners and independent operators often wonder about car wash pricing, especially in today’s increasingly diverse

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