Known for our innovation in car wash equipment and operations, Tommy Car Wash Systems has also perfected car wash detergents. Tommy Signature Detergents are a premium line of car wash products developed using the best detergent, soap, and chemical blends in the industry, including breakthrough European technology that cleans better while using less detergent.

In January of 2021, Tommy’s expanded their in-house detergent production infrastructure to further streamline the process and pass along the cost savings to Tommy franchise partners and other operators.

"We are pioneering environmentally safer, easier, and smarter detergent management solutions while lowering manufacturing and distribution costs, which gives us a competitive advantage in the industry,” said Ryan Essenburg, the company’s president and chief innovation officer.

From Presoak to Drying Agent and Tire Shine, Tommy Signature Detergents provide better results for customers and car wash operators.

Better For Cars

Because vehicles move quickly through your wash, you need products designed to work effectively at high conveyor speeds during peak operating hours. Tommy Signature Detergents deliver the cleanest car possible in the least amount of time.

Each detergent is carefully formulated for its intended purpose. For instance, Tommy 360-C (our proprietary presoak application) is an alkaline product so that it effectively cuts through stubborn vehicle stains such as road tar or bug smear. On the other hand, Tommy Brite, our body soap, is slightly acidic to balance out the overall pH of the wash tunnel. The result? Cleaner cars and happier customers.

Better for Car Wash Operators

With Tommy Signature Profile detergents, you need less to accomplish more. Our formulations are concentrated to the maximum amount possible extending the life of each container and reducing shipping expenses and overall product cost over time. You don’t have to sacrifice wash quality to save on operational costs or efficiency.

Better for the Planet

Less detergent used equals less waste. And with higher concentrated formulas shipping becomes more efficient, reducing the overall carbon footprint. Also, many new detergent options are a neutral pH and biodegradable.

Tommy’s is also committed to reduce water usage and waste. Our detergents are formulated so that less product is required for each wash. Therefore, less water is used in the wash and rinse process.

Tommy Signature Detergents are enhanced by Tommy Car Wash Systems’ equipment, such as the Tommy Arch detergent applicators and the detergent POD for easy line-of-site adjustment and control.

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