Items such as interior detail kits and air fresheners can help increase your total sale per customer and grow your business.

In the 1970s, McDonald’s’ savvy marketing minds discovered that most would purchase a burger and nothing else. They decided to have their cashiers ask a now-famous phrase with each customer order, “Do you want fries with that?”. Over half of the customers said yes. This has likely earned McDonald’s billions of dollars in additional revenue over the decades and demonstrates one of the most powerful ways to grow your business… increase the average size of your purchase.

Your car wash tunnel ensures your customers leave with a clean vehicle exterior, and vacuum stations help with the interior. But an immaculate vehicle includes a dust-free dashboard and fingerprint-free widows. By offering additional car cleaning and care products at your car wash, you help guests achieve a cleaner car. They are more satisfied with their wash experience, and it gives you a simple revenue stream for your car wash business.

Interior detail kits and air fresheners are non-perishable products that are easy to stock and don’t require extra labor or overhead. Yet, these items can provide a 50% - 70% margin depending on how and where you purchase them and your mark-up.

There are two essential factors to make the most of a vending revenue stream - keep the products available and make it easy for guests to buy them.

At the Car Wash Pay Window

Car care products are typically impulse buys guests make when a clean car is on their minds. The cashier window is a great place to market them as guests are already buying a car wash. What better way to spend a few minutes in the car wash tunnel than wiping down your vehicle’s interior and adding an air freshener? Use signage at the cashier window to promote your vending items or include them as an add-on to your current car wash options.

At the Vacuum Station

Another hot spot for add-on car cleaning items is the vacuum station. Use Tommy Car Wash Systems' Vacuum-Mount Interior Cleaning Vending Machine to provide interior detail kits where customers are already taking an extra step for an interior clean. The vending machine acts as a point of purchase display, complete with signage to promote the detail kits. This simple vending solution uses a credit card payment system to dispense compact detailing and car care packages for customers in the vacuum area.

Tommy Car Wash Systems offers ready-to-sell detail kits and air fresheners at a price point that allows you to make a positive margin and bulk quantities that make it easy to keep the product in stock. Tommy’s Car Wash systems detail kits include a microfiber cleaning towel, all-purpose surface wipes, glass cleaning wipes, and two vent clip air fresheners. They come pre-packaged and ready for sale.

Tommy’s Car Wash Systems also sells bulk packages of the famous Little Trees air fresheners in multiple scents for purchase at the cashier window.

You can order from the Tommy Car Wash Systems online store or speak with a sales team member.