Car washes are becoming more automated, which means car wash attendants have less contact with your customers. Signage around your car wash is more important than ever for customer communication. Easy-to-read, thorough signage helps move customers more quickly and efficiently through your wash.

To help your car wash operate smoothly, be sure to have signage that addresses the following points at your car wash.

Car Wash Menu

This may seem obvious, but you need signage that quickly and easily explains the various car wash options and prices. Install permanent wash menu signs in the driveway or lane leading to your car wash and a menu at each pay station. The wash menu can also upsell additional services and monthly membership programs. You can use color and icons to identify wash options; however, keep the sign easy to read. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers. Make it easy to pick the desired services and efficiently move through the car wash. Select permanent signs made from a weatherproof, durable material such as stainless steel that anchors securely to concrete or asphalt. These signs can be designed to highlight your wash packages that provide the best value for your guests or, alternatively, upsell on the most desirable features for more profitability for your wash.

Promotions & Specials

Promotional signs are crucial to communicating everything from your membership program and car wash specials to your social media channels and gift card availability. With many of your customers coming through your wash without talking to an attendant until they’ve entered the tunnel – if at all – your car wash depends on promotional signs to upsell products and wash services. Your promotional signage should be adaptable. A good option is to install one or two permanent displays and supplement them with multiple wind-resistant portable signs.

Procedures & Disclaimers

Ample signage that guides customers through the wash process helps make your wash more efficient for everyone. To establish which signs you need, think about the flow of your wash. Do you need signs that designate cashier versus mobile pay lanes? What about your procedures? Should pick-up truck beds be empty and hitches removed? Do you need to have signs on hand when certain bays are closed for maintenance?

Disclaimers should also be posted, such as damage claims and any restrictions on the type of vehicles you serve. This prominent signage helps avoid confusion and the potential for conflict at your car wash while also reducing liability for you.

Don’t Forget Your Car Wash Branding

Signs support your brand recognition in various ways. Use welcome signs with your logo as customers enter your wash lanes. For high-volume car washes where customers may spend a few minutes in line, flexible signage can reinforce your brand promise, list your business hours, or your commitment to being green. Even simple directional signs should always have your logo. Be sure to add a “Thank You” sign as customers exit the wash and remind them to leave a review on your social media pages.

Today, signage has become a critical piece of equipment at any car wash. It serves as the primary communication mechanism between your wash and most of your customers. Don’t miss the opportunity great signage provides. Tommy Car Wash Systems offers permanent stainless steel ground mount snap sign frames in single and double-sided options and flexible windproof snap sign frames and rolling bases.

To order, visit the Tommy Car Wash Systems online store or contact us to speak to an equipment sales expert.