Because of their many benefits, franchises have continuously grown in popularity since Ray Kroc franchised McDonald’s in 1955 (side note, it’s going well). A franchise opportunity can be an easier way to step into business ownership or expand your current portfolio versus starting your own brand. The risk of starting a franchise business is reduced because the franchisor has already dealt with the pain of starting a new brand, figuring out operational steps, learning how to attract and retain guests and so much more. Here are the top three advantages of starting a franchise business.

       Proven Business Model

Most franchise model businesses begin as individual businesses. Business owners franchise their business when they are ready to expand and grow after they have established a sound business model with consistent revenue growth. They have worked out the kinks and have developed a solid plan to streamline start-up and ongoing business operations for their franchise partners.

Ongoing Training & Support

Franchise organizations have a vested interest in your success. They have chosen franchising as their growth model and want to see you succeed. Therefore, a bonus of the franchise model is the ongoing support and a built-in network of experts and peers that a franchise provides. From finding the right location for your business, training your team members and you, ongoing certifications, and successful management of your business, a good franchise organization will guide you every step of the way.

Brand Recognition & Marketing

Many franchises enjoy a regional or nationally known brand name and an established reputation. Franchise organizations invest in marketing and advertising to ensure customers recognize your business and know what you do.

Most organizations also support their franchises with sales and communication materials, including website design, brochures, mailing pieces, and more. Franchise owners can save a lot of time and money by tapping into the established marketing resources provided by their franchise organization. More importantly, it frees you up to focus on running your successful business and developing your people.

What to Look for in a Franchise Opportunity

When you’re ready to start your franchise, there is much to explore and consider, starting with what type of franchise you want to own. The beauty of a franchise is that you don’t need to have a background or education in the business you want to start. The franchise organization should provide you with the training and development program you need for success.

In addition to assessing their business plan and partner support system, consider the franchise organization’s goals, values, and mission and make sure they align with yours. You should also review the organization’s maturity, brand recognition, and reputation, and seek out testimonials and case studies from other franchise owners.

Choose Tommy’s Express as Your Franchise Partner

The franchise partner you choose is the foundation for your success as a business owner.

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