If you’re not currently a Tommy’s Express franchise partner you can still take advantage of the benefits of using Tommy Car Wash Systems car wash equipment, wash detergent, Wash Club® components, vacuums, and more to enhance your car wash. Using superior equipment in your car wash results in a better customer experience and a greater return on investment for your car wash operations.

Tommy’s car wash equipment is the result of over 50 years of car wash expertise and the constant pursuit of car wash innovation. Our advanced systems automate more of the car wash process, maximizing control and minimizing labor. We help you save money, increase sustainability and deliver high-quality results for your customers.

High-Quality Results & Better Customer Experience

Your car wash’s reputation and repeat business are based on consistently delivering a quality customer experience – and cleaner cars! Tommy Car Wash Systems equipment can help you increase customer satisfaction and drive more volume through your car wash. Our equipment automates or simplifies car wash operations to ensure less opportunity for error. Our proprietary car wash detergents safely work to pull away grime and dirt while enhancing the shine of your guest’s vehicle. Tommy’s circular, stainless steel wash arches create a more open and inviting car wash space, which reduces the claustrophobic feel of some competitor’s equipment.

Tommy’s can also help you maximize customer loyalty with our Wash Club system. We take the guesswork out of creating a customer membership or loyalty club with our proven, easily deployed system that maximizes both customer convenience and wash site revenue.


Tommy’s Car Wash System’s equipment uses booster pumps and specialized nozzles to greatly increase water pressure, providing high-intensity and close-cleaning while significantly reducing overall water consumption. From Pre-Soak to Tire Shine, Tommy’s car wash detergents and wash products are formulated to work well and work quickly at high dilution ratios. This means that we can still clean cars from top to bottom using less water and less product while also increasing throughput by running conveyors faster. We also have several wash and detergent products that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Cost Savings

Tommy’s equipment design focuses on efficiency and production. Tommy’s equipment allows you to operate your wash with fewer employees and wash more cars through your wash tunnel. For example, our dual belt conveyor system accommodates a wider variety of vehicles, offers easy self-loading, reduces damage claims, and can process over 2,000 cars per day with travel times of between two and three minutes. Additionally, Tommy’s equipment uses stainless steel and other advanced design concepts and engineering, so your wash equipment lasts longer and you spend less time and money on maintenance.

Ready to implement Tommy Car Wash Systems equipment in your car wash or open your next car wash as a Tommy’s Express franchise partner? You can order Tommy’s equipment and detergent online, anytime, or contact our sales team to learn more about our products and franchise opportunities

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