Customers continue to ask, call, and order new Tommy Car Wash Inbay Conversions, and with the trend showing no sign of stopping we thought it would be good to write out a few of the advantages that the Tommy Car Wash and AVW’s Transporter Conveyor holds over old-style chain and over-under conveyors.

1. Simpler Construction, Less Maintenance

The Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor System is, in simple terms, a far less complex device than older style chain rollers—and that simplicity counts for everything. Using principles developed in factories and across various industries our system aggressively cuts down on moving parts to streamline the finished installation as a whole, making everything easier from usage to maintenance.

There are no rollers, no correlators,  nothing jumps out, and without many of these common areas of malfunction our conveyor system holds up longer and better than other systems. This isn’t to say that maintenance costs are eliminated, however repairs become more predictable and schedulable so you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and plan ahead for replacements with more accuracy and surety.

2. Loading is Easy for the Customer

Owners aren’t the only ones who benefit from a simplified transport system. Customers driving up to older systems often hesitate and delay loading—and rightly so. The car must be placed precisely in the track and between the correlators, and then the car must be immediately be placed in neutral with no turning or braking during the wash. This process often requires extra staff to manage and injects a completely unnecessary level of stress into what should be at best an enjoyable experience, and at worst a non-irritating element of a customer’s weekly routine.

3. Increased Efficiency

By allowing customers to drive directly onto an extra wide, brightly colored track with no pop up rollers to aim for and no busy staff members waving them down, loading difficulty and wait time drops dramatically. It isn’t uncommon to see cars on our conveyors stacked nearly bumper to bumper during busy periods as customers become more accustomed to the system. Closer and easier loading leads directly to higher wash counts and dramatically increased revenue—especially as potential customers will often heavily favor the least stressful car wash in a region, YOURS.

4. Fewer Damage Claims

Customer damage usually crops up in a few specific areas. Occasionally steering knuckles or correlator rails may gouge and scar tires, rims, and even fenders—especially if the vehicle is non-standard in terms of width or height or if it is loaded incorrectly. Problems and damage are also common if the customer brakes, turns the wheel, or shifts to park.

With the Tommy Conveyer there is NO contact with any surface besides the tire rubber itself. The car is carried along safely, securely, and it no longer matters if the customer brakes, puts it in park, or turns the wheel. They remain contained on the conveyor, they can’t jump the track, and they are much less likely to cause damage to their own vehicle or your equipment.

5. Fewer Man Hours Required

People are always your most important resource and should be used wisely. Forcing staff members to spend their day assisting with loading ties up valuable man hours. With the Tommy conveyor system, easy to read signage and the low-complexity loading system does the work for you, so you need fewer eyes and hands to keep things running at maximum efficiency.

Of course, our dual belt conveyor is best used as part of a fully equipped Totally Tommy Tunnel. But for those who want to maximize the efficiency of their existing facility or who are barred against new construction due to community boards, an inbay conversion is a real option to replace the old chain system and maximize ROI. More and more customers are taking advantage of this unique offer to restore dated car washes, and the benefits have been dramatic, turning inbay washes into mini tunnels and jumping capacity to well over 50 cars per hour while preserving the structure itself.

The details and specific installation packages need to be tailored to each location, so feel free to email us at or call one of our reps at (616) 494 - 0411 for more info or to arrange a live demonstration in our Michigan showpiece or at an equipped location near you.

Building a new generation of easier, faster, better washes—that’s what Tommy Car Wash Systems is all about.

Tommy Car Wash Systems