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Five Car Wash Development Mistakes to Avoid

This year the Tommy Car Wash Systems family of companies celebrates fifty years of car wash operations and development. In that time we’ve seen...

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2 Key Elements for Car Wash Operational Success

Recently two longtime managers at our corporate stores were asked what factors most contribute to the operational success at their locations....

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The Seven Things Customers are Really Looking for In a Carwash

Your customers aren’t a captive audience, they have plenty of options. Driveway washing, inbay washes, tunnels, or just putting it off. So, if you want...

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3 Principles for Successful Car Wash Logo Design

You’re opening a car wash and you need a logo! Now is not the time to give your nephew, your secretary, or that nice aspiring designer next door their big...

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Investigating Car Wash Site Demographics

Photo by Chris Hovinga

As with all retail establishments, location is one of, if not the single most critical factors to consider from the earliest stages...

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Car Washes Fail


In the United States the car wash industry, as a whole, has seen a long period of growth with steadily increasing demand - around 2% more cars washed...