Recently two longtime managers at our corporate stores were asked what factors most contribute to the operational success at their locations. They emphasized two in particular.

1. Awareness

Whether on the busiest day of the year or the slowest,
awareness IS, WAS, and WILL BE the single most important priority for all team
members at work. Proper awareness:

  • Ensures facility safety, both for team members
    and guests
  • Minimizes preventable damage claims
  • Allows team members to deliver prompt service
    and maintain customer experience
  • Maintains tunnel processing speed despite heavy
  • Identifies potential issues early, so they can
    be addressed on the fly before causing major problems or downtime

Keep your eyes up, stay focused, and stay engaged. It makes
a world of difference.

2. Experience

Great employees (and a great company culture) are what builds
a successful, thriving business for the long haul. Encourage your team to keep
learning every day and provide ample opportunity for each to expand their scope
of experience and responsibilities over time.

One great option that our corporate stores use is role
rotations. Team members trade off assignments throughout the day, so that that
each team member has variation in their daily tasks and develops familiarity
with all aspects of the facility’s operation. This helps keep everyone sharp
and engaged while deepening the pool of experience that’s available to run the wash
when needed.

Not only does this constant cross-training help when short-staffed, but it provides a deep talent pool and core team that can be invaluable when it comes time to expand your business.

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