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LPR readers

How does a car wash work: License plate reader

At our roots, we started out building equipment to improvehow the wash worked

detergent dispensing system

Achieve better ROI with FLOPRO, our best car wash detergent dispenser

Tommy Car Wash Systems' FLOPRO Wall-Mount Panel is the perfect solution for managing air and detergentfunctions following car wash renovations and...

enhanced mitter cloths

Eliminate the Need for Rear Wiper Bags with New Enhanced Mitter Cloths

Mitters are a workhorse in your car wash tunnel. They scrub away dirt and grime for a cleaner vehicle. But anytime car wash equipment, such as a car wash ...

New LPR Lane Divider from TCWS Creates More Efficiency for Smaller Wash Entrances

The sleek, new LPR (License Plate Reader) Lane Divider from Tommy Car Wash Systems gives more options for new car wash sites that lack space or do not...