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car wash rehab

Car Wash Equipment Rehab Process

Do you have an existing car wash building, or are you in the market to purchase one with old or outdated equipment? An equipment rehab from Tommy Car Wash...

micro-fleece mitter cloth

How does a car wash work: Mitter Cloth

At Tommy Car Wash Systems, we’re a little obsessed with innovation. That’s because we’ve seen the cleaning power and customer satisfaction that our best...

extreme clean combo

How does a car wash work: All-in-One Extreme Clean Combo

With theAll-In-One Extreme Clean Combo, Tommy Car Wash Systems has combined all the best cleaning components in a single powerful module. 

stainless steel car wash equipment

Top 4 reasons why stainless steel car wash equipment is best

Instead of low-quality iron or aluminum,Tommy Car Wash Systems creates equipment from 100% stainless steel, providing lasting stability