Do you have an existing car wash building, or are you in the market to purchase one with old or outdated equipment? An equipment rehab from Tommy Car Wash Systems is the key to success.  

What does a project like this entail? We will walk you through the entire process to give you an idea of what to anticipate throughout the journey. Our Equipment team designs every car wash rehab project to cater to the needs of your individual wash. 

Here is a rundown of what to expect during the rehabbing process of your existing wash: 

    • Remove old equipment and demo existing concrete 
    • Pour new concrete to prep for new equipment 
    • Installation of the Tommy Transporter Dual Conveyor System 
    • Install new materials to spruce up the wash, including wall coverings and better lighting 
    • Install piping, if required, to our new backroom equipment 
    • New Tommy stainless steel equipment. 
    • Install new backroom equipment which includes: 
      • Our FloPro Detergent Delivery System
      • All in One pumping station
      • Air Compressors
      • Guardian Controller/MCC
      • Spot Free Rinse
      • RO System or our new Water Treatment Center
    • Install Pay Stations or Tommy POS

Our team will be on site to help you dial in detergents and equipment after installation. This ensures you get the best wash quality possible from the rehab.  

So, what does this process look like in a real rehab project? We recently installed a project in Welland, Ontario, Canada, for Niagara Soft Cloth Car Wash. We upgraded their existing 110-foot structure with equipment designed to improve wash quality and aesthetics.  

The project’s starting point saw a dimly lit tunnel with outdated equipment, pictured below.  

An outdated car wash with yellow pipes and blue hoses

The equipment was removed, and work started on demoing the concrete to make way for the new belt system and arches. 


Two Motor Control Panels from Guardian Wash Command were installed.  These serve as the “brain” of the wash.

Guardian wash command cabinets

The Flopro Detergent Delivery System was installed as part of the backroom.  

flopro detergent delivery system

The rest of the equipment was installed on our patented Tommy Arches.  

You can see in the first photo that this project used a chain and roller system and prepped cars before going through the wash by hand. There are several benefits to upgrading the wash, but the main three are processing speed, vehicle quality, and reduced labor costs.

  • Processing Speed: The installation of the Tommy Transporter Dual Conveyer System allows us to increase throughput substantially. This is a 110 ft wash for reference, and we can safely estimate at least 150 cars per hour. Customers load themselves on the conveyor with the help of our entrance module. It provides visual and audible instructions so the customer can safely enter the wash on their own.
  • Vehicle Quality: With the use of equipment and chemicals, we can provide a better wash. We use only the best materials and believe that friction-based washing gets the car the cleanest.
  • Reduced Labor: There is no need for prepping with our washes; our team will design a wash that provides a clean, shiny, and dry car with a low labor rate. Only a few team members are needed, which allows you to offer a higher wage to get a more qualified person.

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