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Tommy Car Wash Systems takes self-serve interior cleaning to a whole new level. Our vacuums boast numerous impressive features that make it easy for customers to maintain a clean vehicle. 

  • Colorful Canopies: Forget the dull, industrial look of traditional car wash vacuums. The eye-catching triangular canopies offer shade and guide customers into spacious dual drop vacuum stations. 
  • Dual Drop Design: The convenient design positions the hoses at waist height, eliminating the need to stoop or bend awkwardly while vacuuming, allowing for car cleaning with minimal effort.  
  • Stainless Steel Casing: Tommy Vacuums are built to last. The complete system is engineered in durable stainless steel, keeping the equipment protected and accessible. 
  • Peak Performance: The powerful producers, cartridge filters, and tapered hoses allow for peak suction and vacuum performance, ensuring that nearly anything from dirt to snacks and even pet hair is not left behind. 

Tommy Vacuums offer a balance of convenience and function with a variety of producer options to best fit your needs. Choose between the Tommy 2.0, Dual Motor, or Semi-Central Vacuum. Individual stanchion separators allow for easy clean out and maintenance in our vacuum systems. 

  • Tommy 2.01: The newest Tommy 2.0 vacuum centers feature a three-phase motor (requires a motor control center) mounted on top of each station. With the cleaner and simpler design, there is no need for a big and bulky central vacuum system. The single motor conserves energy by only having to start a single stall at a time instead of starting and pulling power from a motor that powers 5 stations up use of one station. 
  • Dual Motor2: The proprietary single-phase motor (does not require a motor control center) producer powers both hoses simultaneously with paired onboard motors. Inside, a cartridge filter provides more surface area than any comparable vacuum on the market. The chamber has ample dirt capacity and a quick release panel for easy clean-out. 
  • Semi-Central Vacuum3: Utilize the Tommy vacuum system with our own proprietary central producer design! The central producer is pole mounted nearby and powers up to five vacuum stations simultaneously.  

Enhance the customer experience with vending units, floodlights, speakers, and other available options. Whether you are planning to offer free vacuums or paid vacuums, we have control methods for your facility and service model. 

Any Questions? Ready to Upgrade? Reach out to our team for more information4 about how you can implement Tommy Vacuums at your facility.