At Tommy Car Wash Systems, we’re a little obsessed with innovation. That’s because we’ve seen the cleaning power and customer satisfaction that our best ideas bring, like our mitter cloths 

Micro fleece. Max clean.

Designed for a smoother, more efficient car wash experience for both operators and customers, our mitter cloths are truly special. They play a crucial role in the wrap mitter combo during the wash cycle, but what sets them apart is the material—micro-fleece. Unlike traditional soft-cloth woven materials, our micro-fleece has a short-pile, closed cell foam surface—a game-changing car wash fabric. 


This means our mitter cloths absorb less water during the washing process compared to standard long-pile fabrics. The result? Increased efficiency, a gentler-friction clean for the car's surface, and significantly less noise against the vehicle.  

Preventing wiper damage and worry

Trust is earned in drops and lost in buckets. That’s why each 67” cloth strip comes with eight enhanced bottom sections, strategically placed to reduce the likelihood of getting caught in the rear windshield wiper. This design isn't just about convenience. It's about preventing damage and windshield wiper claims can compromise the customer trust you’ve worked hard to build.  


The design should also eliminate the need for rear windshield wiper bags, simplifying the process and saving you time and resources. 

Choose the best option for you

Whether you need a specific color to match your branding or the perfect length for your car wash equipment, we’ve got plenty of options to suit your needs. 

  • Strip Width: 4 inches 
  • Color Options: Red, Blue, Black 
  • Length Options: 38", 55", 67" Standard, and 67" Enhanced 

Ready for an upgrade? Need specific pricing?

Say goodbye to noise and rear windshield wiper issues, and say hello to a smoother, more innovative car wash fabric.  
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