A good car wash requires detergent, pressure, and friction to clean a vehicle effectively.  

The right balance of these three elements is crucial. 

To achieve the best clean possible and keep vehicles safe in the wash, we offer Reverse Hugger Brushes to get the job started in the tunnel. We also use 100% cloth material when we manufacture our brushes for better quality and longevity. 

Did you know?
Our brushes are made with 100% cloth material versus filled cloth material.

Friction and pressure in a car wash

The Reverse Hugger™ Side Washer provide the perfect ratio of pressure and friction to whisk away dirt and grime off—you guessed it—the sides of cars.  

Installation is simple and fast, so your wash is ready to go with minimal downtime. This model bolts to the top of any mitter arch or wrap mitter combo, including the All-in-One Extreme Clean combo unit for easy integration into previously constructed systems or brand-new development.  

Our 75" vertical car wash brushes use an alternate rotation spin across the sides of vehicles designed to cut down on folding mirrors in the wash.  

Their pendulum swing action allows the washer to adjust to the shape of different vehicles with minimal moving parts, reducing maintenance and wearable parts.  

Most other brushes in the industry are only 72" tall which means our brushes have three extra inches of cleaning power to get the job done well.  

Using this soft-touch friction and the adjusting pressure of the spinning brushes give the perfect combination to gently clean every car that comes through your wash.  

Cloth is not included. The Reverse Hugger uses the Hugger Brush to perfect the clean. It ships pre-installed onto the core for a quick install or replacement. We estimate this saves you approximately four hours of installation time. 

Did you know?
98% of cloth produced by competitors is not shipped on preassembled cores.

Cloth on Hugger Brushes

The mechanics of the hugger brushes are important, but just as important are the types of cloth used on the brushes.  

Tommy Car Wash Systems has two options 

  • Soft Cloth: This heavy-duty fabric uses both straight and wavy sections to maximize efficiency. 
  • Closed Cell Foam: Italian-made Carlite foam maintains the vehicle exterior brightness of frequent washers. The unique closed-cell structure allows it to gently wash vehicles. 

Both are great options for car washes to use depending on your goals with your wash. 
We highly recommend that your staff test equipment every day to ensure the correct alignment of all functions of the wash. It’s not just detergent, product, and water application that matters—be sure to test cars through the wash to adjust equipment to the perfect setting.  
These little details matter! 

Did you know?
On average, our brushes are 30% more material than our competitors.

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