In a rainy climate or season, water spots on cars frustrate people.  

Even if a vehicle was just washed the day before, wet weather can quickly make it look dirty. Combine rain with pollen or dust, and it’s prime time for guests to visit your car wash.  
With the proper mix of high-quality water and a rinse agent, you can easily help customers avoid water spots in a car wash. 

Product highlight: spot-free rinse with Tommy Drying Agent 

A spot-free rinse is an easy way to lure customers.  

It takes a lot of elbow grease (when washing and rinsing at home) to compete with the convenience of an automatic car wash’s spot-free rinse.  
To amp up the spot-free rinse in your wash, combine it with a drying agent. 

Tommy Drying Agent (formerly Super Dri) helps offer a consistent, high-quality dry for automatic car washes. Our Tommy Drying Agent contains polymers meant to quickly break down water droplets into smaller particles.  

It’s specifically formulated to increase the beading effect of the water during drying so it blows off quicker. Vehicles leave with a smoother surface after the Drying Agent is applied.  

Use in combination with our stainless-steel Spot-Free Rinse applicator arch for the full package. 

Check and reset your detergent applicators

In order to offer the best wash possible, you must perform routine maintenance on your wash equipment. But another area to keep a close eye on is your detergent application. 
Best practices for wash maintenance include testing your detergent levels. Read more on our blog about why titration testing is important and how it can help save you money and keep your guests happy. 

Guests want the best car wash in town. Give them even more reasons to choose you over the competition—with high-quality wash equipment and the best guest experience possible. The wash itself should always be in prime condition. 

Capitalize on whatever weather events are happening in your region and draw them in!