Metro Express Rain X Application increased revenue & lowered cost per car.

At Tommy Car Wash Systems we routinely receive positive feedback from customers who are more than satisfied with the equipment packages and parts they’ve purchased from us.

Recently, one testimonial in particular stood out which highlights one of our newer product offerings: the Hydra-Flex chemical induction system by Aqua Lab.

Bill Martin, owner of Metro Express Car Wash (three locations), recently had a Hydra-Flex unit installed at his Meridian, Idaho location, to be used in conjunction with a Tommy Arch applicator for the Rain X application. Over the past few months, Mr. Martin has seen a considerable return on this installation.

(For more information on the Hydra-Flex system and how it is used alongside Tommy Car Wash Systems' patented POD unit and round applicator arches, visit the Hydra-Flex product page on our website.)

Let’s take a look at exactly what Mr. Martin had to say.

Better Rain X “Show”

Mr. Martin commented that his wash’s previous Rain X applicator, a simple hydrominder, did not make product application apparent to customers. Customers were never sure when or whether Rain X was being applied to their vehicles, since the application was not visible to them. With the Hydra-Flex paired with Tommy’s applicator arches, Rain X application is now clearly visible; it now appears as if each vehicle is being “painted” with the Rain X product, a fun and satisfying show for customers to watch.

Increased Chemical Efficiency

The previous hydrominder being used to apply Rain X applied the product at 240:1. After the installation of Hydra-Flex, Rain X is now being applied at 447:1 with a 3.2 GPM injector – nearly a 100% increase in chemical efficiency!

Increased Revenue

Most importantly, Mr. Martin has seen a significant return since incorporating Hydra-Flex into his Meridian wash. Coupled with the Tommy Arch and Rain X product, the Hydra-Flex has increased sales of top end packages “beyond any previous sales we have experienced”. Since the installation, the wash has been doing 63% Rain X, and revenue per customer has increased by 11%.

“We have had remarkable results since installing the Hydra-Flex, especially in conjunction with the Tommy Arch and Rain X,” Bill Martin testified. “Thanks for pointing us in this direction, keep up the great work!”

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