This past March, Tommy completed an inbay conversion package for Emile’s Mobile Service of Los Angeles, California. Since the renovation to an automatic carwash, the wash has been receiving such a positive response that we felt it would make a great case study on how touchless rollover car washes can see improved traffic and ROI with the help of a simple inbay conversion package.

First, let’s look at what Tommy Car wash Systems' Inbay Conversion package entails:

-A renovation designed specifically for rollover/inbay car washes, this package converts inbay washes into high-end automatic tunnel washes, with 50 car per hour capabilities..

– The typical inbay conversion wash is equipped with a dual belt conveyor for easy self-loading, ideal for C-store environments (employee supervision is often unnecessary)..

– Flooring from the old rollover/inbay wash is removed, while the rest of the building is left in tact; conveyor belts are installed and existing back room equipment is maintained and upgraded..

– Building permits are often unnecessary for these projects, and, in most cases, the renovation can proceed as a simple rehabilitation rather than a major construction project..

– The new tunnel wash is equipped with a plasma TV loading system, and customers guide themselves onto the conveyor rail..

– A presoak arch, wrap mitter or top brush combo and rocker brushes clean more quickly and more effectively than most rollovers..

– The conversion package is custom tailored to the unique needs of each building..

– Existing rollover/inbay carwash buildings must meet minimum space requirements in order to be converted; buildings generally must be 38 feet long or longer, with width adequate to accommodate the new equipment.

Now, let’s take a look at Emile’s Mobile Service before the renovation:

A lackluster exterior and interior aren’t very enticing, and with no value-added services, curbside appeal of the wash prior to renovations was minimal.


tommy inbay automatic car wash conversion POS and exterior before conversion.


Emile’s Mobile Service is adjacent to a C-store complex, and the exterior designs were made to match the store as part of the conversion process.


inbay automatic carwash C-store and new wash exterior.



inbay automatic car wash New in-bay automatic wash exit and exterior vacuum stations.


inbay automatic carwash conversion package

New inbay entrance and vacuum stations.10 new self-serve, 25 horsepower vacuum stations were added as part of the renovation as well. The presoak arch is fitted just outside the main entrance, adding an attractive introduction to the wash.

Specs and results of the conversion:

Construction began in November and was completed in early March; total construction time was four months.

Since the new wash opened in March, it has seen a 100% increase in traffic, going from an average of 100 cars per day to 200 cars per day right out of the gate, with peak days close to 400 cars per day!

Changes in profit margin are difficult to pinpoint yet, as the wash has been running a $3 wash promotion to kickstart the new opening, but with dramatically improved traffic and lowered equipment costs, the owner is optimistic about seeing an improved ROI in the near future.

With brand new machinery, the new tunnel car wash has reduced maintenance costs. Likewise, chemical and water use is down, further cutting back operating expenses.

Cars are emerging from the wash cleaner, and customer feedback regarding the new wash has been uniformly positive.

The addition to free vacuums has brought a significant amount of business; customers appreciate this value-added service.

Overall, both the wash owner and his customers have been thoroughly pleased with the changes made, and the new automatic tunnel has been a success from every point of view!

The success of Emile’s Mobile Station is a great example of how a simple, cost-effective renovation can significantly improve an outdated rollover wash’s brand, image, and – most importantly – bottom dollar.

The conversion project was managed by leading California car wash consultant and Tommy Distributor Brian Hobin. For more information about Tommy’s Inbay Conversion package, visit us online, or contact one of our sales reps.

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