The Totally Tommy Mini Car Wash

A Remarkable Conveyorized In-Bay System

Back in 2010 we launched our unique answer to the overwhelming need today for a small conveyorized automatic car

Inbay/Rollover to Tunnel Conversion Case Study: Emile’s Mobile Service

This past March, Tommy completed an inbay conversion package for Emile’s Mobile Service of Los Angeles, California. Since the renovation to an automatic

Buddy Bear Car Wash Now Open at Cicero Ave. Chicago

We recently completed an exciting new Tommy Wash project on Cicero Avenue in Chicago, near the Midway airport. The new wash, “Buddy Bear Car Wash”, is a

How to Start a Car Wash Business: The Basics

We talk a lot about the nitty-gritty details of how to run a car wash business, but what about starting a business from scratch?

As a car wash equipment

5 Tips for New Car Wash Construction Planning

You’ve scoured local demographic data, you’ve scouted for the ideal location and you’ve drafted an initial business plan. You’re ready to begin

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