Car wash tunnels are a natural fit and add-on for many different car care businesses and can turn single-service sites into explosive multi-profit centers with tremendous profitability. Customers appreciate the convenience they receive when more services are offered in one location and they often give washes at a major car care location a greater share of trust, and a much greater share of their business.

But an add-on  wash's success depends on more than simple addition. Instead, the quality and attractiveness of the car wash as an independent service is key.  When car care service adds a car wash they need to do so with the right mindset: a mindset that is convinced that their car wash CAN and WILL be a profitable addition but that it requires the proper planning, financing, attractive design, quality equipment, and marketing in order to be successful.

In other words, a Totally Tommy car wash.

We've seen our wash paired with a number of different services in the past with outstanding results and we have high hopes for future creative and innovative projects in the future, including:

  • Grocery store car washes
  • Gas station and convenience store washes
  • Rental facility car washes
  • Dealership car washes
  • Interior detailing + exterior car wash services
  • And many more!

The opportunities are out there and the results are already proven. Take, for example, our friends at the Time-It-Lube in Shreveport, Louisiana. This rapidly expanding business uses the Totally Tommy design and a full suite of Tommy equipment, combining and joining the building and service with an oil and lube car care bay for one unified car care destination. In fact, the design looks so good that in 2013 it was honored with the Second Place spot in National Oil and Lube News'  "Best Looking Lube Contest".  And what did the judges have to say?

“It’s nice to have the large waiting room windows that overlook the carwash. It makes it feel very bright and welcoming."

 “Modern and fresh... I think I could sit in the comfy leather chairs in the waiting room all day snacking on popcorn, sipping a cappuccino and watching the cars roll through the carwash bay.”

“From the waiting room to the exterior, everything is sleek and modern. It’s different from any fast lube I’ve seen.”

And in this case, different is definitely better.

To learn more about adding car wash modules, check out these posts about our Dealership wash model or the Totally Tommy Mini, both great options for adding powerful yet compact wash services in spaces that can't fit or sustain a full express car wash tunnel. Or send us an info request at 

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