Take a moment this morning and watch these videos featuring the Tommy Multi-Wash XL and new All-In-One Wash Combo modules. These systems were designed to do a few things very well:

  1. Provide the best exterior wash possible with foaming Z-Wrap brushes, mitters, rockers, and (for the All-In-One) reverse hugger brushes.
  2. Simplify installation with simple mounting on two patented Tommy arches.
  3. Keep the space requirements for these components down, so the unit can fit in very small washes or multiple sets can be staggered down the length of an express tunnel (like so) for an unbelievably thorough wash.

But the great thing about this innovation is the way it’s taken off in different places and types of washes, including our shortened Mini Tunnel and In-Bay Conversions. But today we’re talking about another related application, and one that has already demonstrated its potential with phenomenal real-world results: dealership car washes.

This might come as a surprise. After all, dealership car washes are usually little more than an afterthought, a small added-value service that provides little to no profitability for a major car dealership.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Tommy Car Wash refuses to build washes that promise little to no revenue for their operators and we’ve found that dealerships and car washes carry tremendous potential for one another if the service is built, marketed, and serviced correctly. Instead we’ve come up with a model for dealership or car mega center car washes that support the mission of the larger operation, but which operates as a fully developed profit center of its own.

Here’s how:

  • Consumer surveys have shown that the quality of the wash is now the most important factor when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our wash modules, which you saw in the videos above, deliver a full-surface soft-cloth friction cleaning in a very condensed space, delivering a VERY high quality wash even in places where you can’t afford to build a full-size express tunnel.
  • The wash is fast, with process speeds of 3-5 minutes for exterior washing and 10-15 minutes for full exterior and interior detail cleaning.
  • Dealerships, especially higher-end dealerships, have trust and authority with customers and are usually located on high volume intersections and roads—places which are perfect for car wash operations if the advertising and entrance/pay/exit lanes are set up correctly.
  • We teach dealers to adopt the perspective that this car wash will be a key element of the overall revenue generation, not a loss-incurring side project. They have to give it the space, advertising, and investment that the wash needs to be successful.
  • The wash and the dealership lot support each other, as the wash is useful for maintaining the appearance of the inventory and both profit centers bring in customers who inevitably find themselves consider a car wash after they buy their new vehicle or thinking about their next car as they drive through the wash.

What it looks like:

There are a few different models to consider. In order of increasing size and investment they are:

The Dealership Car Wash, which can be constructed new or as a retrofit for old, underutilized in-bay or rollover washes. With a friction cleaning module and other select services, the dealership car wash processes fast without taking up space and puts you in a league far above your average single stall car wash.

The Totally Tommy Mini, a compact express-style tunnel complete with our dual belt conveyor, vaulted glass walls, clear roof, and abbreviated equipment selection. Can be installed against or integrated with existing dealership buildings, or be built freestanding.

For large unused lots the Totally Tommy Express offers a full lineup with staged cleaning modules, vaulted walls, corner towers, clear roof, and a full service menu. The express processes faster and better than just about any carwash setup out there.

The Flex Service Car Wash, for interior detailing and express exterior cleaning. The Flex is the ultimate solution for the ultimate car mega center. Sell cars on one side of the lot and on the other offer a fast, affordable full-service cleaning system with outstanding results.

The opportunities are there and our team would love to come up with a customized solution for your dealership or any other corporate car wash expansion. Send us an email at Sales@tommycarwash.com or call us at (616) 494-0411 with your ideas and details about possible locations or opportunities you have in mind.

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