Building a car wash requires a significant investment in property, construction, and equipment that can take years of hard work to recoup. With this in mind, it’s hard to overstate the importance of maintaining a clean car wash facility when it comes to raising customer's expectations and ensuring long-term revenue.


1. Clean on the Outside

No one likes to visit a dirty facility. When customers come to your site, every aspect of its appearance needs to reinforce the idea that your car wash is clean and well-maintained. After all, if a car wash is filthy inside and out, what are the chances that a customer can expect to drive away with a clean vehicle? Basic things like the condition of your building’s siding, facia, and canopies or awnings should be regularly evaluated, cleaned, and maintained. Sidewalks and driving surfaces should be swept daily, power washed regularly, and markings repainted annually.

Avoid clutter. That includes too many signs, posters, pos materials, warnings, disclaimers, towel baskets, loose hoses, detailing carts, ash trays… the list goes on. Some of these are necessary; most are not. Empty your trash cans often. Few things will leave a worse impression that full cans and trash blowing around your site. Also, consider replacing ugly traffic control bollards with potted shrubs or attractive Tommy Balls from Tommy Car Wash Systems. Make your wash look like the kind of place your Mother would like to visit.

2. Clean on the Inside

Many customers experience a healthy sense of anticipation as they pull into the express car wash tunnel to begin the wash. If your loading process feels like entering a dimly-lit dirty tube, the wash experience is diminished. On the other hand, glass walls and translucent ceiling panels let in natural light, raising the comfort level and showing off your clean wash bay.

Of course, that means actually keeping it clean, day to day. Windows must be washed daily, floors washed regularly, equipment wiped down and cloth components kept clean. Tommy Car Wash Systems has addressed this issue with the Maintenance POD included in every Totally Tommy facility. Neatly contained in an attractive stainless steel cabinet is everything needed to maintain a clean, attractive wash bay. That includes a high-pressure sprayer with retractable hose, cleaning supplies, sink, tools, tips, and more. Perception is a potent player in the game of customer satisfaction. A clean wash delivers the promise of a clean vehicle.


Maintenance POD from Tommy Car Wash Systems provides everything needed for bay maintenance in one place.


3. Smooth Operator

Buckets, stray cables, replacement parts, detergent canisters, and all other in-the-bay clutter should be removed. It looks sloppy and unprofessional to customers and presents tripping hazards for staff that can lead to serious injury. Keeping all these necessary maintenance items properly put away shows your customers that you care enough to run a smooth operation; organized, safe, and efficient.

Remember, the condition of your facility will establish the customer’s expectations. Raise the expectations and you’ll increase your capture rate, and recoup your investment faster.

Tommy Car Wash Systems.