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How does a car wash work: License plate reader

At our roots, we started out building equipment to improvehow the wash worked 

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Switch your inbay wash to the best car wash equipment

Wondering how can I improve my car wash equipment? Are you a current inbay automatic or rollover owner? Do you want to increase revenue and customer...

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How to Buy a Car Wash: Your Investment

Car washes are a hot topic in investment circles, and for good reason. The ROI is high. The car wash industry is booming. Consumer demand is increasing. 

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Tommy’s Express named #1 fastest-growing brand by Franchise Times

We are honored to announce that Tommy’s Express was named the #1 fastest-growing brand byFranchise Times on its top 40Fast & Serious list for 2023.  

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Sustainable Investment Opportunity with Tommy's Express

As an investor, there are many sustainable companies to invest in. From renewable energy technology to green transportation, options abound.