From springtime snowmelt to summer rainstorms to autumn’s freeze and thaw, vehicles run into muddy roads just about any time of year. Enter Tommy’s new Triple Threat Wheel Blaster cleaning equipment. By adding a center manifold to the Rainbow Coat Arch, the Triple Threats front, side, and rear-facing cleaning and rinsing power specifically targets vehicle sides, wheels, rims, and running boards to efficiently remove mud and road grime.

The Triple Threat is a powerful addition to any car wash but it’s especially effective for car washes located in areas that deal with spring and early summer mud season, rural and suburban areas with dirt and gravel roads, or washes that have a high volume of work and recreational trucks and 4x4s that spend more time in the dirt.

Bottom line, if you’ve got muddy vehicles regularly coming through your car wash, the Triple Threat ensures clean results every time.

Cleaner Tires, Longer Drive Time

Your tires, wheels and rims, and wheel wells take a lot of abuse from the road. After all, they run the closest to mud, grime, salt, and other road debris. Keeping these areas clean is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance.

Regular cleaning enhances tire life and can help improve braking and tire traction. Keeping wheel wells clean helps prevent rust and pitting. Removing mud and salt also prevents corrosion on the undercarriage, on running boards, and other low areas of your vehicle.

And even though they aren’t the first thing people notice, when wheels and tires are clean and shiny, they make a big impact. It’s a finishing detail that separates a great car wash from an average wash.

Triple Threat Wheel Blaster Installation

The Triple Threat Wheel Blaster is available as an upgrade for existing wash tunnels or included as part of a new tunnel build.

Triple Threat is a more cost-effective alternative to the robot arch. It uses a double stack pump station in the backroom to provide adequate pressure to the two triple threat manifolds in the wash.


If you’re upgrading your tunnel, the Triple Threat manifolds will directly replace the Double Threat manifolds that are currently part of the standard TX offering, which are mounted on the feet of the rainbow arch. This option will be plumbed directly to reclaim, using approximately 25-30 gallons per minute. The Triple Threat requires a 40-foot backroom, although a 30-foot backroom may be acceptable depending on the configuration. It also requires a minimum 120 GPM Reclaim System and adequate MCP1 amperage (approximately 40 amps).


To learn more about adding the Triple Threat Wash Blaster to your wash tunnel, contact Tommy equipment sales.


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