While the temperatures are currently below freezing at Tommy’s Michigan headquarters, it won’t be long before flowers start blooming, the grass turns green, and bugs start buzzing. And man, do those bugs like to stick to vehicle front bumpers! Like removing salt and road grime in the winter, vehicle owners expect all traces of bug residue to be removed from their cars. Yet, most car washes leave some bugs behind. 

Enter Tommy’s new Bug Spray Applicator station. The bug spray applicator covers the front bumper of a vehicle with several deposits of specific bug zapping detergent in the pre-soak phase. By applying the detergent, it has time to loosen and remove bugs from the vehicle’s front end. Bug Spray has been positioned as close to the wash entrance as possible without adding additional exterior sensors to provide maximum dwell time.  

Bug Spray is activated when a vehicle crosses the garage door photo-eye, which triggers both Bug Spray and Pre-Blast in succession at the appropriate timing. This offers an additional 15-25 seconds of pre-soak dwell time and covers the problem areas for bugs more completely using 2-3mL of product per car. Bug Spray may be always used or switched on for peak seasons of high bug deposits. 

Tommy’s Bug Spray Applicator is available for both new and existing sites. Contact our sales team for more details and how to install today! 

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