Tommy Car Wash Systems is continuously improving design options for car wash sites of all sizes. The traditional multi-lane pay canopy requires more space, construction materials, and building requirements. To accommodate smaller wash locations and car wash buildings, Tommy Car Wash Systems now offers a Cantilever Pay Canopy that is “built-in” over only the cashier lane. 

By reducing the size, the canopy can fit buildings on smaller properties in respect to typical building setback limitations. The smaller canopy size also reduces costly construction materials and coordination between tradesImplementing a digital entrance tower improves your guest experience and creates new opportunities for signage and marketing.  

The Cantilever Pay Canopy is available for both Tommy’s Express franchise and private-brand customers. 

To learn if the Cantilever Pay Canopy is the right fit for your car wash location, contact Tommy Car Wash Systems sales team today! 

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