Searching for equipment or parts for your car wash? You’ve come to the right place – and that’s not just lip service. 

The team at Tommy Car Wash Systems has over 50 years of operational experience with car wash equipment. Since 1969, we’ve been owners and operators of some of the busiest car washes in the world. And we’ve developed our process to solve for unique wash solutions. 

Together with our equipment sales team, we generate opportunities and ongoing success for our car wash partners. 

Why Tommy Car Wash Systems is your best option

For 50 years, we have been perfecting the wash process while making operations easier and more efficient. When the parts weren’t available to speed up processing, we made them ourselves. We research, test, and fail forward until we have the best product available to bring to market.  

What sets us apart is that we’re not just in the sales business. We own car wash franchises through Tommy’s Express, so we work in the industry every single day. We use our own sites to test equipment and get everything just right before adding it to our worldwide product offering.

Tommy Car Wash Systems equipment is the industry benchmark for long-term success and provides proven performance for customers around the globe.

Benefits of our equipment

    • Stainless steel
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Reduced water and detergent usage
    • Backed by 50 years of success

Offering inbay conversions

Traditional inbay car washes have poor processing speeds and offer limited services. Our inbay conversion retrofits these buildings with modern car wash equipment including a Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor, Self-Loading Entrance Module, All-In-One Clean Combo, and dryer arches.

Connect with our equipment sales team 

Once you fill out the form above, one of our team members will get in touch with you within 48 hours. We’ll set up a call to see if we would be a good fit for your project. If applicable, we will then schedule a virtual meeting with one of our project managers in equipment sales for a more in-depth discussion to generate a quote and equipment layout of your car wash project. 

From there, our equipment and project management team will work with you directly until your car wash project is open and operational, with ongoing support and success in the years following. 

Ready to upgrade? Get the best car wash equipment from Tommy Car Wash Systems today!