Tommy Car Wash Systems' FLOPRO Wall-Mount Panel is the perfect solution for managing air and detergent functions following car wash renovations and retrofit projects.  

A proper detergent delivery system can make all the difference. 

Too much chemical dispensing makes it difficult to keep costs down. Too little means cars aren’t being properly cleaned.

The FLOPRO Carwash Detergent Controls system is the powerful solution to many issues that have plagued carwashes from the beginning.  

Accuracy, reliability, consistency, and a clean backroom are all achieved using this patented control panel.  

Specs for our FLOPRO detergent delivery system

The 20 function FLOPRO includes 20 detergent functions, while the 30 function FLOPRO includes 20 detergent functions and 10 air functions. If your wash has wraps, you’ll need the 30 function FLOPRO to control the wrap assist function.

Interested in adding wraps to your wash tunnel? This might be the perfect time to upgrade both your detergent delivery system as well as add wraps.

If you’re not clear about which option would work best for your facility, reach out to our team to talk through the options.

FLOPRO includes the Versadial detergent controls to determine the correct amount of detergent to use in the wash cycle.  

The system uses quality Hydraflex parts, which are proven reliable and easy to replace.  

FLOPRO panels come in either 20 or 30 function options, with a Tommy Controller or alternate controller types, and either 24-volt or 110-volt options. You’ll need your own alternate controller if you choose that option – the Tommy Controller is essentially a plug-and-play option (that comes with our control system). You’ll need 24 volts if you’re using a controller to give the proper signal.  

The panel foundation is finished in 100% stainless steel for lasting strength and durability for many years in the wash tunnel.

Features and benefits

  • 20- or 30-function panel
  • Versadial detergent technology 
  • Wall mounted 
  • Easy detergent/chemical dispensing functionality 
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless panel 
  • 1-year warranty 
Each FLOPRO panel is custom prepared at Tommy Car Wash Systems' manufacturing facility and perfected for its intended car wash destination. 
For more information on how the FLOPRO system can streamline your facility, contact our sales team today.