The most common car wash in the world is the inbay automatic or rollover-style car wash. Most gas stations or self-serve combination units have these systems.   

Unfortunately, most rollover-style car washes are very slow.  

Most inbays can only wash 7-10 cars an hour on average.  

We can do better. Let our team show you how you can process more clean and shiny cars at a much higher rate with an inbay conversion upgrade. 

Make more money after you retrofit an old car wash

Business owners agree in any industry agree, time is money.  

To make the most out of the space you have, an inbay conversion with Tommy Car Wash Systems reuses your existing building.  

It’s a lower investment to convert your inbay to a modern, conveyor tunnel rather than tearing it down and starting a new build from scratch.   

Increase efficiency and processing speed

Nothing turns a consumer off more than a long line. If your inbay car wash can only wash 7-10 cars per hour, that will cause a backup, especially on a lovely sunny day.   

Process cars more efficiently using our dual belt conveyor. It's stress-free loading!  

We can wash up to 40+ cars an hour in the same building footprint. A short conveyor tunnel makes a big difference in processing speed.  

 Every conversion we do is carefully thought out and customized to perfectly fit your needs and create a wash with the best possible potential. Once you’re up and running, it’s more money in your pocket.  

Contact us today for a quote to convert your inbay! 

For a more in-depth overview of our inbay conversion process, watch this video.