As our team travels throughout the United States building car wash facilities we constantly pass by small, dingy, and often idle automatic in-bay car washes, and we’ve come to believe that these washes are quickly on the way out, but that there ABSOLUTELY is a need for small, flexible automatic car wash systems near gas stations or placed in small communities. But what exactly makes our Totally Tommy Mini a better option over in-bay automatic car washes?

1.The Tommy Mini Provides Better Results

When you’re pumping gas and decide to get the car wash on the side, how much are you really expecting? In-bay automatic washes are often touchless and have trouble pulling off caked-on grime and dirt, and don’t have interior space for any add-on services (extra soaps, waxes, tire shine, undercarriage rinse…). They also wash cars much more slowly, limiting their output and earning potential. For customers who want a noticeably cleaner car and more bang for their buck, our Mini model (a fully automated, conveyorized, express-style car wash) offers a fast, low stress solution.

2. Inbay Tunnels Don’t Inspire Loyalty

When self-serve automatic in-bays were popularized in the last century, they were seen as a low cost way to add value to gas stations and convenience stores. However, their reputation was soon tarnished by a high frequency of damage inflicted on changing vehicle designs, and the model hasn’t aged well since.

When we build a  Mini we find that consumers are generally surprised by the clean, modern look, the safe and thorough wash, the ease of loading, and the fast wash speed. The wash’s popularity usually takes off in a hurry with lots of dedicated returning customers, revealing a massive need for small but well-designed car washes even in areas with an overabundance of automatic in-bay washes.

3. Relatively High Operating Costs And Low Ticket Prices

High operating costs and mediocre customer satisfaction do not make for a successful business strategy, and this has led to very low ticket prices and limited income from the additions. With the Totally Tommy Mini providing a better experience, better clean, and even some optional services, ticket prices can climb without sacrificing customer volume.

4. Our Car Wash is an Attraction, Not an Add On

Your car wash shouldn’t be something customers only think about when they are considering the gas discount. Our wash looks stunning, clean, and open in a way that black hole in-bay washes just don’t. We’ve worked hard to make it something that people come out for and come back to, not only an add-on but a well-reviewed destination in its own right.

Do you have questions about which car wash model might be best for your situation? We partner with some of the best car wash equipment manufacturers in the business and our sales reps are veterans of the car wash industry. We can help you learn more about our wash and get started with the process. Contact us at or (616) 494-0411.

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