A Remarkable Conveyorized In-Bay System

Back in 2010 we launched our unique answer to the overwhelming need today for a small conveyorized automatic car wash, the Totally Tommy Mini Car Wash. Since then the design has had incredible success serving as an added service attached to gas stations or in communities to small for express car washes.


The Totally Tommy Mini belongs to a new car wash market category pioneered by Tommy Car Wash Systems called the “Conveyorized In-Bay”. At a slim 24 ft. wide and 75 ft. long (although we have built them as short as 60 ft. or as long as 90 ft.) our wash can be operated with a single employee (and auto teller) or with no employees at all when combined with a gas station/convenience store operation.


We began developing the concept over ten years ago with the overwhelming success of our in-bay car wash conversion package, in which we install the Tommy Transporter and select other Tommy automatic car wash systems to convert a 40 ft. in-bay automatic wash into a conveyorized tunnel. Customers liked them so much, they wanted us to build them from the ground up.


Unfortunately, we decided that a 40 ft. car wash just isn’t a good investment. But what would be wrong with a 60-90 foot tunnel car wash with a smaller investment, the same iconic look, and a whole lot more flexibility? With some work, a lot of thought, and a great final design, the Mini was born.


In short, the Totally Tommy Mini car wash is a full-fledged wash tunnel with a record low size requirement and a VERY affordable cost! The system starts at around $1,000,000 and includes everything! Using our pre-engineered format, modular pod and all-in-one combo systems, and the Tommy online store (with all the new and used car wash equipment you could need) we take the guesswork out of development, saving over a million dollars per site with fantastic value and ROI potential when the wash is up and running!


As a disclaimer, we recommend you never build a Totally Tommy Mini In-Bay system where a full blown express car wash tunnel is needed. This efficiency model is made strictly for smaller sites, smaller communities which don’t have the demographic density to support a full blown car wash tunnel express business.


Do you have questions about which car wash model might be best for you? Our team would be happy to help you find the ideal model for your location and customer base. Just collect some information about your investment budget, potential location, and local car count and contact us at sales@tommycarwash.com or (616) 494-0411.


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