With the new Tommy In-Bay Conveyor system refit taking off in car washes around the country, we thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of small in-bay automatic car washes, and how our conversion system can completely transform an old in-bay at a very reasonable price point.


In-Bay Automatic Advantages

-In-Bay Automatic car washes don’t require much staff and are very cheap to operate

-With a very small footprint these washes fit on gas station and convenience store lots, adding value to standard services

-They work well in smaller communities between 10 and 20,000—too small a population for a full sized express tunnel_


In-Bay Automatic Disadvantages

-Saturation doesn’t denote success. These in-bay washes are everywhere and many of them are increasingly ignored in favor of better options

-They don’t suggest value. These little ‘black hole’ car washes aren’t much to look at and they do a bad job convincing customers that they are worth the money or the time

-They are slow. Max car counts in these systems are very low and that makes for a much lower profit potential_


Our Conveyor Refit:

-BOOSTS car counts with a short version of the Tommy Conveyor, moving more cars through the wash faster and making the operator more money

-Provides a better end-to-end wash and dry with our all-in-one miter/shaker combo system, resulting in cleaner, dryer cars and earning the right to a higher ticket price

-Uses self-loading automatic car wash systems so you don’t need to dedicate staff members to running the car wash

-Modernizes the process for maximum efficiency



Potential clients should also consider the Totally Tommy Mini as an alternate solution to your small scale car wash needs.


Check out our videos to learn more or email / call one of our sales members directly at Sales@TommyCarWash.com / (616) 494-0411. We’ve worked hard on this system and have been perfecting these conversions for years, so believe us when we say that this system can absolutely turn forgotten mini-car washes around!


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