Over at Tommy Car Wash Systems, we’ve been working on a brand-new cosmetic design feature created to pump up the our car washes’ visual appeal. We’re very pleased with our final product, and we think car wash owners will be too.

As part of their new branding campaign, Target stores have been placing large red concrete balls outside their storefronts. There’s no denying the striking curbside appeal this has added to the department store’s image.


Target Store Red Balls


While Target’s new architectural accessory is great for adding visual appeal, the large concrete balls present a challenge in terms of construction and shipping costs.

Our product engineers took this into consideration as they looked for ways to incorporate a similar design into our projects, and the end result is a series of large colored ball products which offer cost-effective design solutions for car washes of every size and scale.

Solid balls for curbside appeal

Instead of using concrete as a design material, we decided to eliminate the expense of constructing and shipping concrete balls. Tommy’s solid red balls are made from durable, weather-proof plastic which can be filled with sand or concrete on site. A flat bottom prevents it from rolling.

Placing the solid balls in creative ways by a car wash’s curb is a fantastic way to draw attention to your wash and make it easily identifiable. For impulse buys like car washes, visual identity is key; customers are far more likely to remember to refer their friends to “the car wash with the red balls” than they are to remember your wash’s name.

Savvy car wash owners pour time and investment dollars into developing a unique, modern architecture for their car wash buildings; adding red balls to your facility is an extremely cost-effective way to take that modern look to a new level.

Solid red balls in place of traffic cones

While many car washes use cones to direct traffic, traffic cones are visually associated with negative environments such as construction sites and accidents. Using red balls in place of traffic cones efficiently drives traffic without the negative connotation, while creating a fun, appealing visual which will keep  customers coming back.

Planter balls

Why not incorporate the fun, eye-catching red ball design into your car wash’s outdoor landscaping? Tommy has customized red balls to be used as outdoor planters, allowing car wash buildings to combine modern design with their natural landscaping.

Trash can balls

Instead of using standard, ugly 55 gallon trash can containers, why not disguise trash cans with bright red balls? Instead of being an eyesore, red trash can balls enhance a car wash’s exterior, creating a more complete aesthetic.

Originally Published at tommycarwash.wordpress.com