Tommy’s President and Chief Innovation Office recently joined “The WOW Factor” podcast to talk about helping others be successful. In the podcast, Ryan talks about how he became fascinated by the equipment line side of the family business. There were limitless opportunities to scale globally and help serve others and build businesses. Ryan provides insights into why consistency is a significant core value when providing a service or product and why that consistent experience is what people are looking for today.

He also talks about how Tommy’s Express Car Wash supports the Water Mission program, a nonprofit organization that builds water filtration and treatment systems to provide safe, clean drinking water for developing communities and disaster relief areas.

Click the image below to listen to the podcast:

Wow Factor


“I look at life like a relay race, each generation runs a distance and then passes the baton … And I look at it as my goal to run the race a little further and hand it off to the next generation in a better spot, and hopefully, each generation appreciates the previous journey.” - Ryan Essenburg.

“When you come into wash your car, we want to be easy to do business with, simple and infinitely scalable so that we can serve every market and every community around the world.” - Ryan Essenburg

“That's what's really been fascinating about the Tommy's Express carwash is that anybody can participate in it.” - Ryan Essenburg

Listen to the full podcast here.