Pollen season is in full swing across much of the United States, and as painful and inconvenient as it may be for the driving public this season is a boon for car wash operators who typically enjoy more and more frequent customers as a result. 

What is Pollen Season?

The reason is fairly obvious. Pollen is an extremely fine powder released by flowers and trees as part of their reproductive cycle, and during pollen season it gets just about everywhere—including on vehicles. This powder triggers allergies in a large percent of the population and if it is allowed to continue adhering to a car the high acidity in the pollen grain can oxidize and cause fading and discoloration over time.

Why Car Washes?

Professional automatic car washes are the ideal solution. Customers, especially club members, can visit every day if needed, the undercarriage rinse removes pollen that would otherwise be missed, and the detergents, high pressure, and scrubbing action of the car wash foam help encapsulate the pollen for easy removal.

Marketing and Advertising

Saving time, preserving customer vehicles, and making allergy sufferers more comfortable are fantastic selling points for local car washes to advertise, and a campaign crafted around pollen season is a perfect pair for a variety of promotions or club specials. Be sure to emphasize:

  • How regular washing strips the pollen away before the acidity can work
  • How controlling the buildup and vacuuming the interior may reduce allergy symptoms
  • How certain services (especially regular applications of hot wax) provides a barrier that makes it more difficult for the pollen to stick to the pores in the clear coat
  • How the car wash offers better results than hose washing at a fraction of the time and with less water use
  • Any Wash Club programs or Memberships that can save customers money - everyone loves a deal!

Ultimately, pollen season is an opportunity for car wash operators to help their customers with a highly effective solution to a very specific problem. Be proactive, craft your message, and market across many different channels. Good luck!

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