The sleek, new LPR (License Plate Reader) Lane Divider from Tommy Car Wash Systems gives more options for new car wash sites that lack space or do not have a pay canopy. The single unit LPR Lane Divider eliminates the need for a separate dual LPR camera stand between lanes.  

In addition to streamlining the entrance area, the LPR Lane Divider creates marketing and signage space for car wash locations without canopy mounts where snap sign frames can be mounted. Campaigns pack even more punch when displayed on the full color, backlit digital display. Marketing campaigns and signage can be updated on-demand with the click of a mouse. Lastly, the LPR Lane Divider alerts your team members when an oversized vehicle is in the pay lane. 

Overall, the LPR Lane Divider has more enhanced capabilities in a smaller footprint for car wash locations with a limited entrance area. It can be added to new car wash locations without a canopy divider or new locations with curbless pay lanes.  

Give your Tommy Car Wash sales team member a call today to find out more and to implement the LPR Lane Divider at your car wash.

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