The Visual Impact of a Great Car Wash!

Marketing a car wash is a fun and creative process. Take a drive through any major suburb and you'll find bubbles, racing themes, sports themes and much more. Owners and operators turn to radio, tv, online search, and even hire high school students on summer break to stand outside with signs and attract businesses. But with all that energy expended on the outside of your car wash, it's easy to sometimes forget about the impact that you should be having on your customers INSIDE the wash.

Car washes are a classic impulse purchase and one that depends strongly on convenience and emotion. We take care of convenience by building washes in high traffic areas with more passing cars, along with easy entrance and exit designs to make that impulse purchase happen as easily as possible. In the exact same way positive emotions can be generated with proper design and forethought--particularly in the visual development of the car wash itself. Light and color play a huge role in capturing your customers’ emotions and making the right decisions for lighting, signage, and services is key.

Studies have shown that bright entrance signs and colored lights at the opening and exits of the car wash tunnel wash tunnel generate a deeper emotional impact on customers, making the experience more entertaining and valuable. Inversely, dark and shaded washes (looking like cave entrances) come off as less-well maintained and less emotionally stimulating. Investing in a design that uses brightly colored signage and highly efficient neon or LED lights is often directly related to higher ticket averages and adds nearly zero impact on top of your overhead. Investments like bay windows and clear roofs that accept large amounts of natural sunlight can also off-set natural claustrophobia and attract an entirely new range of curious customers.

At Tommy Car Wash Systems we've thought through each stage of this process, coming up with a single unified design that takes natural light into the bay, eliminates the expansive backroom, makes the equipment more visible through the windows, and adds enough lighting, flourishes, and special touches so that other washes just can't compete. Plus our equipment packages are neatly divided up into stages, each stage featuring our famous silver arches and highlighting the service with lights, scents, bright signage, and illuminated detergents. If you're thinking of building a car wash, the Totally Tommy design is absolutely the best experience and the best option out there. It's colorful, it's fun, and it leaves the car looking great afterwards too!

And if you have an existing car wash, don't worry. There are plenty of little touches and add on's with proven potential for increasing and expanding modern washes and customer experience. For instance:

  •  Tommy indoor and outdoor red balls as used as planters, trash cans, and accents to leave your wash’s aesthetic more fun and appealing.
  • Bright, eye-catching “car wash” arrow signs directing cars to the wash line.
  •  Tommy sign panels with colored LED lights to mark each stage in the wash.
  •  Logo redesigns with sign manufacturing to improve your brand and increase continuity between your physical location, the wash experience, and digital advertising.

At Tommy Car Wash we’re experts at creating washes that keep people coming back. If you need help taking your wash’s aesthetic up a notch, our team would be happy to help.

Tommy Car Wash Systems