Perfect for Car Wash Renovations

Our last post highlighted Tommy Car Wash System's emphasis on quality components as the foundation for a great car wash.  Today we're taking a quick look at another great solution for modern car wash systems that excels in both design and real world application: The Tommy Car Wash Systems FLOPRO Wall Mount Control Panel. This system is a smaller scale version of the Tommy POD intended for installation in existing car washes (not our own Totally Tommy building designs) undergoing renovation and retrofitting projects. The panel is full length but easily fits into standard dry backrooms.

(Shown: A 15 function FLOPRO Panel freshly finished and ready for installation)

What does it do?

Consolidates car wash functions and control. The system comes in two variants, one which supports 20 chemical functions and 10 air functions and another that supports 15 chemical functions and 10 air functions.

What are the advantages?

The panel is built of rust-resistant high quality stainless steel and designed for eye-level wall mounting in the car wash's back room. Tubing is able to hang from the back without obstruction and all dials and readouts are visible at a glance. Installation is easy and more functions are able to be controlled better and more efficiently.


Comes with Tommy Car Wash System's high quality warranty and is manufactured right here at our facility in Holland Michigan! Buy American!

If you've got a car wash that could use an update, consider going with one of the leading innovators in the car wash industry and shoot our team an email at today!

Tommy Car Wash Systems