A state-of-the-art car wash control system provides a variety of benefits to any car wash operation. Ease and accuracy of adjustments, reduction of manpower, streamlining monitoring and maintenance to name a few… and yet many car wash control systems and interfaces still rely on the same outdated push button technology developed many decades ago. It’s time to do better and with the Flight Deck Control Console from Tommy Car Wash Systems, now you can.

Thanks to an ingenious HMI (Human/Machine Interface) solution, operators can use our unique portable tablet-based interface that has been specially configured to control our wash systems. Connecting through wifi, they can control all wash functions using a secure web portal and do it from anywhere in the wash. This allows for exceptionally easy and accurate line-of-sight adjustments to equipment which translates into a more efficient wash and lower cost per car. The tablet docks to the Flight Deck on a built-in self charger.

The remainder of the Flight Deck Control Console includes two touch-screen panels that run the management applications. Operators are provided with real-time wash statistics as well as monthly analysis, maintenance schedules/reminders, immediate on-line ordering for detergents, and much more. Additionally, a complete set of manual buttons including soft stop and e-stop (matching the panel in the wash bay) provides continued full control from the Flight Deck should you experience a rare interruption in wifi connectivity.

The Flight Deck Control Console is only available as part of the Totally Tommy car wash platform. Call (616) 494-0771 for details.

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