New Tommy Gas/C-Store Car Wash In Holland Michigan Has Record-Breaking Success!




Anyone who’s visited the Totally Tommy Gas/C-Store Tunnel at the Quality Car Wash & Tim Horton’s at Chicago Drive and N. Waverly Rd. in Holland, Michigan knows that that car wash is BUSY! In fact, the facility has served over 119,000 cars in just three months and in March washed a whopping, record-setting 50,663 cars!


How are such fantastic numbers possible, without a loading attendant? Well it boils down to a few key points:


The Tunnel Is Built For Processing And Quality.

“Better Processing Creates Volume!” Innovations like our self-loading entry module, Tommy Transporter conveyor belt, and finely tuned equipment packages allow us to run an astonishing 210 car per hour belt speed and still deliver a fantastic wash every time. 


The Experience Is Better.

Customers don’t like stressful loading procedures with correlators and attendants, long lines, or slow washes. Our loading on the Tommy Transporter Conveyor system is easy, our three pay lane system keeps lines down, and the wash itself takes less than three minutes—including optional packages.


Club Memberships.

With over 8,000 existing club members we have built up a tremendous degree of loyalty in the community with a huge number of returning customers and phenomenal word of mouth referrals.


Critical Density.

Critical density refers to the total density of locations in an area. By building car washes in key locations around a community we create a closely knit network of local sites that can share resources to keep costs down. This canvassing of sites also develops brand recognition and loyalty across the local population, offering our customers a trusted car wash service and greater location convenience.


An INCREDIBLE Building Design.

Shoebox car washes are a dime a dozen. Our Totally Tommy Buildings jump out from the crowd, offering customers a window in with full length glass windows and an acrylic roof. We make a dramatic statement with starburst entrances and a full second story tower, offering tremendous fascia square footage for logos and advertising material. Our building design IS advertising, and draws customers in with a far superior capture rate vs. inbay automatic or small hand washes. 


To learn more about how you too can experience these results with your own Totally Tommy Express or one of our other designs, email us at or give us a call at (616) 494-0411.



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