What the Quality Car Wash Waverly Site Means to the Car Wash Industry

On December 18, exactly one year after its grand opening, the 130 ft. Totally Tommy Gas, Car Wash, C-Store model located on Waverly and Chicago Drive in Holland, MI washed its 419,400th car. This performance is staggering, exceeding all expectations and solidifying the Totally Tommy system as the true next generation of express car washes.

But how exactly was it accomplished, and what went in to the vision and development behind what is, today, one of the best performing car wash in the world?

1. Brand Domination

The “Critical Density” or “Critical Saturation” principle of development holds that a car wash brand achieves best results not by spreading out into multiple markets but instead by canvassing a local area with multiple locations, putting down deep roots, and building a large and loyal local customer population. Specifically, one tunnel wash is required per every 30,000 individuals in the local population with branded car washes built around 3 miles apart.

This wash falls perfectly within these conditions, supporting a local car wash organization with an additional three locations inside a 2 mile radius, which are together continuing to produce an ever-larger customer base in the Holland, Michigan area.

2. The Tommy Building Makes a Statement

There are number of ways to advertise a car wash, but best among them is the simple strategy of letting your car wash advertise itself with a stunning design that demands attention from everyone who sees it. Built on a major traffic artery the area, this car wash maximizes its visual impact with large signage, an impressive tunnel length, glass walls, barrel vault roofing, and corner towers.

The design is so unique and unusual that throughout construction, the curiosity of local residents and commuters was continually piqued, leading to countless questions regarding what the end result would be and when the wash would finally be open for business.

3. Processing. Processing. Processing.

Express car washes thrive on fast and efficient service and delivering on that service while keeping pay lane queues short is a significant key to the survival and success of any modern automatic car wash. With the development of this Totally Tommy system, that processing has been perfected.

The system features:

  • A dual belt conveyor with variable speeds up to 200 cars per hour
  • Three lanes with dedicated point of sale systems including a membership lane, electronic lane, and human cashier
  • An efficient self-loading entrance module to accelerate and streamline the loading process
  • Condensed all-in-one cleaning modules for greater cleaning power in a smaller space
  • A powerful drying system complete with overhead heated blowers and reverse rotation drying cloths to dry vehicle mirrors

Throughout the tunnel, new technology has been employed to solve old problems and the result is a simple, modular, and highly powerful system that delivers consistent performance and fast processing like no other car wash design on the market.

4. The Right Location

The best design needs the best location, and when the two come together the results are stunning. Despite the increased investment required, the wash location was expanded through the acquisition of three separate lots. This provided the extra room to build the tunnel to the proper length, add ample parking space, and lay out an easy-to-navigate site able to handle heavy customer traffic.

5. Customer Retention and Service

Club members are a car wash’s lifeblood, and maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty is always highest priority. By hiring the right staff and investing heavily in training, the car wash has been able to create and maintain a very positive reputation for great service, cleanliness, and friendly atmosphere.

The wash team works tireless to ensure that each customer leaves feeling served, respected, and valued.  In fact, customers have reported countless positive interactions with staff, including experiences as simple as smiles, to those as significant as the wash serving as a peaceful retreat after a hard day. 

6. Convenience and High Membership Rates

Offering high-value memberships isn’t just good for the customers—it also has a huge positive impact on the wash itself! By offering value and convenience , a wash team increase the frequency at which customers take their vehicles through the wash. By increasing frequency, they develop better customers.

These better customers learn the loading and wash process, developing a rhythm and increasing the pace of loading. Vehicles become easier to clean and maintain, customers naturally self-load closer together with more confidence, and customers develop a deep loyalty towards the wash. More memberships are sold, more cars are washed, and at the end of the day there are more car wash members happily showing off their clean vehicles to friends, family, and neighbors.


While success should be measured in dollars, not cars, it is important to remember that revenue follows demand, demand that is here measured in the total numbers of cars washed year over year. Adjusting for customers transplanting from existing locations to the new location 5-10 minutes down the street, the addition of this new, cutting-edge site nevertheless increased citywide year-over-year car count by an astonishing 41%!



How can you duplicate this success? The answer is coming 3/1/16. But, in the meantime, if you would like more information regarding this stunning facility design please view the video above, or contact the Tommy Car Wash System’s team directly using the form below to schedule a guided tour of this outstanding car wash in person here in Holland, MI.

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