The Environmentally Friendly Way to Wash Your Car

With Earth Day on April 22, 2021, minimizing your impact on the environment might be top of mind. Using a commercial car wash is your best choice to be environmentally friendly while keeping your vehicle clean.

But not all car washes are created equal when it comes to efficiency and sustainability. Tommy’s is eco-conscious in all aspects of the car wash process, from our buildings and equipment to the products we use.

Water Conservation

While washing your car in your driveway is an enjoyable way to spend a warm spring day, you might be causing harm to your local rivers, streams, creeks, and lakes. Dirty water containing soap, detergents, residue from exhaust fumes, gasoline, heavy metals from rust, and motor oils soak into the ground or flows directly to storm drains and into the nearest creek or stream where it can harm water quality and wildlife.

Tommy Car Wash Systems features state-of-the-art car wash detergents, targeted application systems (arches), and industry-leading water reclamation and reverse osmosis systems. All of our Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise locations' water reclamation systems use up to 60% less freshwater when compared to driveway washing and keeps 100% of cleaning products out of storm drains and local water bodies.

Additionally, our franchise car washes use high-pressure rinse arches, allowing a small amount of water to hit the car with enough force to blow away lingering grime or detergents without causing damage or wasting water. 

Tommy’s Express + Water Mission

Our water reclamation systems at every Tommy’s Express Car Wash allow us to use less water, which reduces operating costs. We take this savings and pass it along in the form of a donation to Water Mission. Water Mission is a Charleston, South Carolina based nonprofit organization that designs, builds, and implements safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions for communities in developing countries and disaster areas.

Thanks to Tommy’s Express Car Wash customers, over 450 individuals worldwide have access to lifelong clean drinking water in addition to over a thousand others aided since we first launched our Water Mission partnership several years ago.

Building Efficiency

All of the natural light in a Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise isn’t just for “at the car wash” selfies. The translucent roof materials eliminate the need for electric lighting during 90% of open hours while also creating a bright, open environment for the wash tunnel.

Totally Tommy wash buildings are all LEED certifiable and are built from the ground up to be eco-friendly. We also use recycled materials in our facilities for greater sustainability.

Energy Efficiency

The lighting at a Tommy's Express Car Wash is integrated into one cohesive system that can be easily monitored to manage energy usage throughout the day. Many Tommy’s Express wash tunnels are unmanned and require no temperature control to reduce energy usage throughout the entire year.

Tommy’s believes what we do isn’t' just about cars. It is about enriching lives, adding value, and serving communities. Learn how you can bring our environmentally friendly car wash to a town near you!

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