Since 1907 the Holland Rescue Mission has supported the men and women of Western Michigan with shelter, provision, and other resources offered freely in times of need, generating a tremendous impact for good in the local community. With the facilitation of an independent advisory firm, The Collaboration Center, Tommy Car Wash Systems has been proud to partner with clients of the Holland Rescue Mission in order to package a large order of vehicle detailing packets now available for sale at various Tommy Car Wash Systems’ customer locations around the nation.

Six determined women from the Family Ministry Center, all of whom are officially disabled, came together last December and successfully packaged over 4,500 of the vehicle detailing packets. After a well-deserved lunch celebration for the first 2,500 packets, they returned to complete the final 2000, ultimately working three hours per day for two days a week to finish the entirety of the order.

According to a spokesperson,

“[The women] are grateful to Tommy’s, Tommy’s customers, and the Rescue Mission for this opportunity to create income—particularly during the Christmas Season when it is so needed for their families…. In doing this work, everyone went at their own pace, completed more packets together than we could ever imagine, learned together, built friendships, built community, and made some money—and all in a process leading toward our goals of future independent living. We are grateful!”

Tommy Car Wash Systems thanks the Collaboration Center and Holland Rescue Mission for making possible this valuable economic venture, which has benefited all parties. To learn more about the Holland Rescue Mission and its various programs, please visit

These car wash detailing packets are available from the Tommy Car Wash Systems store through this link, and are designed for fast, easy sale via an original, stainless steel vending system installed directly on self-serve vacuum stanchions.

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